5 April, 2019

Tyhai Celtic Trio concert



Indo Celtic Trio


Doors 7pm - Concert 7.330pm -  Tickets £10.00


A mesmerizing fusion of Celtic and Indian music, featuring lyrical Indian singer, Rajesh David, the hauntingly virtuosic guitar playing of Dylan Fowler and Pete Stacey’s sublime soprano saxophone and alto flute. 

Dylan Fowler is well known to audiences at the Norwegian Church for his fine musicianship and innovative collaborations with musicians from around the world. Flautist and saxophonist. Pete Stacey has worked with leading Indian classical musicians, creating concertos for leading Indian classical musicians, Hariprasad Chaurasia and Nishat Khan, which have been performed in St David’s Hall and the Royal Albert Hall.

In this evening’s concert they are joined by Indian Classical singer, Rajesh David a wonderfully inventive and versatile singer. Rajesh, who hails from Mumbai where he was a featured artist for All India Radio and Television, currently lives and works in Wales. In Tŷhai he bridges the music and cultures of the Celtic world and India, singing in Hindi, Sanskrit and Welsh.

Tŷhai’s repertoire includes the ragas and rhythms of Indian music, verses from Sufi poetry and ancient Sanskrit texts as well as Welsh traditional music and song.  This evening’s performance is part of a series of concerts to mark the launch of their long- awaited inaugural CD.



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